Huzhou, a historical city with modern outlook

Huzhou is a city located in the Northern part of Zhenjiang Province. Unlike some of its neighboring cities such as Shanghai, Huzhou is less developed. However, the city tends to endorse its historical legacy and its past to build a present and ensure a bright future for its inhabitants. For this purpose, the city authorities focus their attention on the safeguard of the city through the preservation of history, the preservation of its history, the attraction of new technology companies, the boost of tourism, and the exploitation of natural advantages.

Shanlian Huzhou Ink Brush Factory is located in Shanlian of Huzhou city, East China Zhejiang province. The factory manufactures the so famous Hu Brush, one of the most prestigious brush types in traditional Chinese Writing and painting art. The company have been over 50 years supply the city and several other cities across China with its authentic brush.

“The Hu Brush, one of the prestigious writing brush types in traditional Chinese writing and painting art, is the main product of the 50-year-old factory that produces an annual amount of 600,000 brushes, reporting an annual output of 8 million yuan from both domestic market and other Asian countries.”

This Brush is known to have a neat and transparent tip which differentiates it from the other ones. The company is safeguarding both the history and the technic of the Brush fabrication. This activity made the shanlian town a very famous and unique city making the Hu Brush.

“According to the book Ancient and modern Annotation, written during the Qin Dynasty, the great General Meng Tian created the Brush with Zhe wood for the body and goat hair for the head. Therefore, the people who respect Meng Tian as the brush’s father, continue making brushes in Meng Tian’s way. Today, there exists 150 home workshops, with an annual output of 8 million brushes. Huzhou writing brushes share about 20% of the country’s brush market, with the top-graded ones at 50%. Its related industries have an annual output value of 212 million yuan, which accounts for 12% of the GDP in the region.”

The preservation of the hand made brush is essential in the authenticity of the brush and oof the city history. The authority of the city intends to preserve the activity and make it valuable enough to create income for the city.

“In addition to the development of the Huzhou writing brush industry, shanlian town also finds ways to maintain the native Huzhou writing brush culture and complies with its history to strengthen its protection. ”

Huzhou city is well known as an ancient city. However, the city is also oriented into the future through the tech industry. The city also tends to invest in the future through the setting up of favorable policies for the settlement of tech companies and foreign talents. This new perspective intends to boost the city economy and follow the lead of neighbors such as Shanghai a real business hub. The Tianneng battery company is an example of this path into the future. In the context of global warming and high pollution, the redirection to new sources of energy is imperative. The production of cars, E-Bike, or bicycle battery may improve people lifestyle and reduce pollution. The Jump into new sources of energy to reduce pollution is a great move with sustain in the same sense the governmental will in the context of a fight again climate change.

The combination of the historical legacy and modern infrastructure makes Huzhou a very attractive city in terms of domestic and international tourism. Locating also along the Taihu lake, Huzhou appears as a suitable site for domestic and international tourism. This activity is sustained by a set of Touristic installations and hotels that help the city attract more visitors.

Our trip to Huzhou was a great inspiration for us. It gave an idea of the diversity of China and the local efforts to promote their city. Traveling to Huzhou has also given an overview of the local authorities' plans for further development.

In a nutshell, this kind of trip will reinforce our understanding of China local city’s protection of history and endeavor for modern development. It also can allow us to explore the opportunities after graduation in China.

Written by: Isidore CoumaSene